Catherine T. Coyle & Vincent M. Rue

Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion covers a broad range of topics that relate to abortion and is highly informative.  Rather than taking a partisan political stance, the book focuses on facts, identifies areas needing further study, and offers practical suggestions for future research. 


Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion, edited by Rachel MacNair, approaches the contentious topic of abortion through the lens of peace psychology. Part One of the book covers topics on which both pro-choice and pro-life individuals tend to agree such as intimate partner violence, coercion to abort, sex trafficking, war, and gendercide.  Part Two looks at the aftermath of abortion for both mothers and fathers. It is rare for any book concerning abortion to recognize male partners much less devote an entire chapter to them. This book acknowledges fathers as well as abortion providers and abortion clinic staff. Part Three of this book considers other controversial topics related to abortion including child abuse, people with disabilities, the LGBT community, and conscientious objectors.  Part Four focuses on constructive programs to prevent pregnancy and to support pregnant women, children, and families. Finally, it explores the potential usefulness of applying the conflict transformation approach to the debate about abortion.

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