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Educational seminars for both professional and non-professional (peer) counselors are facilitated by Drs. Coyle and Rue. See the Directors page for listings of additional offerings. We can provide training individually or as a team depending upon the needs of the organization, conference, and seminar attendees.

Below is an overview of a seminar we developed for peer or lay counselors. It is a comprehensive program that provides the non-professional counselor with valuable, proven skills. Participants are given a certificate upon completion of the seminar. This educational program is copyrighted by APART, Inc.

  1. Factors Preventing Healing
    1. Societal and Institutional Denial
    2. Individual Denial and/or Resistance
    3. Guilt, Embarrassment, and Shame
    4. Relationship Fears
  2. Abortion's Aftermath
    1. Psychological Decline
    2. Spiritual Isolation and Condemnation
    3. Relationship Issues
  3. Understanding Grief
    1. Definitions of Grief
    2. Factors Affecting the Experience of Grief
    3. Risk factors for Prolonged and/or Complicated Grief
    4. Intervention
    5. Warning Signs
  4. Understanding Psychological Trauma
    1. Trauma Defined
    2. The Nature of Trauma and Managing Opposing Forces
    3. Factors Affecting the Experience of Trauma
    4. Risk Factors for Posttraumatic Stress
    5. Intervention
    6. Warning Signs
  5. Special Concerns in Abortion Recovery Counseling
    1. Tyranny of Techniques
    2. One-Size-Fits-All
    3. Spiritual Healing vs. Psychological Healing
    4. The Importance of the Caregiver's Self-Awareness and Limitations
    5. The Volunteer Counselor
      1. Limitations
      2. Strengths
    6. Misconceptions Concerning Abortion Recovery
  6. Essential Components of Effective Counseling
    1. Self-Awareness and Objectivity
    2. Expectations and Acceptance
    3. Active Listening
    4. Open Questions
    5. Mutual Problem-Solving
    6. Compassion and Empathy
  7. Forgiveness
    1. Psychological Aspects
    2. Spiritual Aspects
    3. Process of Forgiving and Receiving Forgiveness
  8. Restoring Wholeness/Promoting Health
    1. Program Formats
    2. Essential Components of Healing
    3. Practical Techniques and Applications
    4. Women and Men - Differences and Commonalities

© APART, Inc.

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The Alliance for Post-Abortion Research and Training (APART) is dedicated to standing apart from the political debate as we conduct rigorous research, disseminate accurate information and serve as a forum for collaboration among scholars and professionals in the U.S. and internationally.

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